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Who we are

An expert and versatile team specialized in the design, engineering and study of kinematics applied to the industrial and yachting sector.


Emanuele Bresciani

Chief Technical Advisor /  Founder

Engineer with long experience in some of the most important shipyards in the world such as Benetti, Sanlorenzo, Persico, Dynamiq.
He is the inventor of the eTender solution and the technological heart of the project.

Paul Jordan

Yacht Designer / Founder

Architect specialized in Yacht Design.
Since 2012 he has been the owner of the  studio PGYD, developing and promoting innovative ideas in the field of design, always thinking "out of the box".


Our mission

Creating something never built before, pushing forward the concept of luxury toys and tenders for yachts and megayachts.

Key points

Functionality and security

Every element of esTENDER is designed to ensure maximum comfort for guests and crew. Access is easy and ergonomic from all sides. The concept behind the design is to have a "ready-to-use" tender with uncompromising, top-of-the-range accessories and components. Closed or extended, the design remains clean, elegant and aggressive.


esTENDER is made up of 3 watertight compartments, each equipped with an automatic bilge pump. The central compartment in which the extension mechanism is housed is guaranteed watertight by means of three rows of inflatable gaskets. In addition to all these safety esTENDER maintains its stability and its ability to navigate even with the central compartment flooded.

troncone centrale allagato.png


esTENDER has chosen to think primarily of the end customer by creating the entire structure in titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and this allows to:

  • have a high intrinsic value of the material, given by the very high mechanical characteristics, as well as by the ability to be free from any form of corrosive attack;

  • avoid anti-osmosis treatments

  • not needing to be painted with antifouling: starting from a speed of 5 knots, any biological element that may have adhered to it detaches from the surface of the titanium alloy;

  • allow almost complete disposal at the end of its life: the material can be melted down to generate new products;

  • maintaining the value of the product even at the end of its life, thanks to the ability to be easily recycled.


Performance & comfort

The hull of esTENDER has been defined around two concepts:

  • allow the mechanism to work

  • be almost horizontal in navigation


To achieve the first objective, a stepped hull was adopted, which also allowed a considerable reduction in the power used with consequent advantages in terms of consumption.

To obtain the second objective it was necessary to test numerous hull shapes using the best computational fluid dynamics analysis software on the market; these softwares solve the physical equations of the fluid and offer a result substantially analogous to that obtainable from tank tests.

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