titanium /

Almost all tenders on the market are made of fiberglass, and this choice is dictated by the following aspects:

- Low cost of material;

- Low cost of labor used in construction;

- Extremely fast production times.

The choice of the manufacturer falls on the final customer who will, sooner or later, face the following problems:

- Low intrinsic value of the material;

- Need to protect the material from osmosis;

- Need for periodic painting with antifouling;

- Difficulty of disposal at the end of life;

- Value of the product practically nil at the end of its life.


EsTENDER has chosen to think, primarily, about the end customer by creating the entire structure in titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) and this allows:

  • have a high intrinsic value of the material, given by the very high mechanical characteristics in relation to the density, as well as by the ability to be practically free from any form of corrosive attack;

  • avoid anti-osmosis treatments: there is no semi-permeable membrane but a compact material;

  • no need for antifouling painting: starting from a speed of 5 knots, any biological element eventually adhered to it detaches from the surface of the titanium alloy;

  • allow an almost complete disposal at the end of its life: the material can be melted to generate new products;

  • maintain the value of the product even at the end of its life, thanks to its ability to be easily recycled.