Functional solutions /

esTENDER integrates a sophisticated system of telescopic supports within the deck that can be extracted and stored manually in a simple and fast way; at the same time, the integration within the structure allows to maintain a clean and essential aesthetic. The extensible forward pole, integrated into the pilot seat, supports the 360 ​​° light and performs the function of flag pole: together with the two telescopic aft poles it forms the support structure of the awning.

Detailed  design /

With a detailed design, each choice is the result of a reflection: nothing is left to chance and the result is an overall perfected product. This approach, typical of the automotive industry and in general in activities where high production batches are expected, does not generally find application in the nautical sector, where the number of units to be produced does not justify the costs of a detailed design.

For esTENDER we have chosen to carry out a highly detailed design completely in 3D, without neglecting the smallest detail; such a detailed design made it possible to:

  • Optimize weight distribution

  • Optimize available volume

  • Study the ergonomics of spaces in detail

  • Obtain necessary models to perform FEM & CFD analyzes

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